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10,000 Shots

Track shots from May 1 - September 30.  All participants with over 10,000 shots will be recognized at a high school hockey game and name on a banner.

Use the link below for tracking.

10,000 Shots

Create an account and find the Rock Ridge association

CONGRATULATIONS to the Junior Gold Team for taking 3rd at the State Tournament

CONGRATULATIONS to the Bantam B1 team for taking 3rd at the State Tournament

Game Scheduler

Please contact below to schedule games for the 24-25 season.

Davis Lamppa



In addition to the development of our hockey players and enjoyment of the sport of hockey, the safety and protection of our participants is central to RRYHA’s goals.  RRYHA adheres to USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program as a means to help protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, including emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing.  To help prevent abuse or misconduct from occurring in our locker rooms, RRYHA has adopted the following locker room policy.  This policy is designed to maintain personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms.

 MH acknowledges the Locker Room Monitoring Policy as established by USA Hockey. Monitors must be the same gender as the players and undergo background screening by MH to serve in this capacity. When coaches are not the same gender as the players, coaches may not be in the locker room while players are changing unless the players have a base layer on or come to the rink in a base layer.

1. No team or player shall be allowed to enter a locker room prior to a scheduled event until a locker room monitor is present in the locker room and such monitor shall remain in the locker room until the last player leaves the locker room unless coaches are present. When coaches are present in the locker room,they may serve as locker room monitors.

2. Any coach's(es') meeting(s) with an individual, minor player shall be conducted on the ice, on the bench, in the locker room with the other team members and/or locker room monitor(s) present, or in an observable and interruptible setting.

3. When a player is ejected from a game there must be at least two adults consisting either of locker room monitors or coaches in the locker room with the suspended player. If there is a break and players go to the locker room without coaches, a locker room monitor must be inside the locker room.

4. Alleged violations of these rules shall cause a mandatory hearing to be held in accordance with MH Bylaw Article 6. If warranted, a suspension penalty may be levied upon the head coach or person in charge of the team if the head coach is not present. The penalty for violations of this rule shall be $500 for the first offense, $1,000 for the second offense, and $2,500 for the third offense. These fines are the responsibility of the offending team and shall be paid to the applicable

Cell Phones and Other Mobile Recording Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are not permitted to be used in the locker rooms.  If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be taken outside of the locker room.  [it may be permissible to have team manager collect phones]

Prohibited Conduct and Reporting

RRYHA prohibits all types of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing, all as described in the USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook.  Participants, employees or volunteers in RRYHA may be subject to disciplinary action for violation of these locker room policies or for engaging in any misconduct or abuse or that violates the USA  SafeSport Policies.  Reports of any actual or suspected violations, you may email USA Hockey at or may call 1-800-888-4656.

The information presented in this policy is subject to changes.  All parents/guardians should reference the Rock Ridge website at for the most current guidelines.


Next Rock Ridge Youth Hockey Board Meeting is July 8th @ 6 pm @ ITMECC in Virginia. If you would like to get on agenda please email 5 days in advance.

Attention Officials!

Please click on the link below for more information on officiating !


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