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Welcome to the Pure Hockey Closeout 2022 online store. Please use this link to access the store

Here is some important information to know.
1. The store is open through January 29th.
2. All orders will ship by February 3rd.
3. Once the store closes, we are unable to add new orders.
4. We do NOT ship to PO Boxes and your order will be delayed if you list your ship to address as a PO Box.
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6. Unfortunately, OMG apparel and equipment orders are not eligible for Pure Rewards. Order My Gear is a third-party company that processes the orders for fulfillment by Pure Hockey. We cannot apply Pure Hockey gift cards or rewards points to these orders, and the OMG system does not recognize our rewards program.
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Rock Ridge Youth Hockey Picture INFORMATION

When: Monday January 23rd, Wednesday January 25th, & Thursday January 26th

Where: Northside Rink Eveleth (weather permitting, site may be changed)



  • Monday January 23rd
    • Bantam A (black jersey)               4-4:30
    • Bantam B2 (black jersey)             4:30-5
    • Bantam B1 (black jersey)             5-5:30
    • Mini-Mite black Flyers                  5:30-6
    • Mini-Mite white Sharks                6-6:30
    • Mini-Mite grey Avalanche           6:30-7
    • Mini-Mite green Northstars        7-7:30
  • Wednesday January 25th
    • Peewee A (black jersey)               4-4:30
    • Peewee B1 (black jersey)             4:30-5
    • Peewee B2 (black jersey)             5-5:30
    • Mite Black                                        5:30-6
    • Mite White                                       6-6:30
    • Mite Grey                                         6:30-7
    • Mite Green                                      7-7:30
  • Thursday January 26th
    • 10u Green (black jersey)              4-4:30
    • 10u Black (black jersey)                4:30-5
    • Squirt A (black jersey)                   5-5:30
    • Squirt Black (black jersey)           5:30-6
    • Squirt White (black jersey)          6-6:30
    • Squirt Green (black jersey)          6:30-7
    • 12u B1 (black jersey)                     7-7:30
    • 12u b2 (black jersey)                     7:30-8


Goalie sessions have started, they are on Mondays. You can find the schedule under the Teams tab and then scroll down to Goalies. The times will be on the calendar.


1/16           Janette Venne           $50

1/17           Mike Skinner              $50

1/18           Josh Carlson              $50

1/19           Chris Bialke                 $50

1/20           Jesse Sirjord                $50

1/21           Paul Turja                      $250

1/22           Teila Nelson                 $50

1/23           Steph Aho                     $50

1/24          Sheri Plesha                  $50

1/25            Shelly Moe                  $50

1/26            Carolyn Koskela        $50

1/27            Tristan Makela            $50

1/28            Mike Miskovich          $250

1/29             Jesse Tweten                $50

1/30             Aimee Venne                 $50

1/31             Ron Huffman                 $550

CONGRATULATIONS! Checks will be mailed out. Thank you for your continued support!


Coaches- Coach and encourage our kids to be the best they can be.

Players- Play and understand this is a team sport and to trust each other. 

Officials- Keep the integrity of each game.  Allow our kids to play within the rules of the game.  Correct them when they make mistakes to help them Grow. 

Parents- Watch and enjoy each game..... because that is what it is a Game....  These kids will continue to do great things with your continued encouragement and support.   

Thank you all who support our program as a coach, manager, and officials-  The kids really appreciate your time...and we as an associate will always be RESPECTFUL..  

Important DIBS Information....

2022-23 Rock Ridge Youth Hockey Volunteer (DIBS) Hours

Rock Ridge Youth Hockey Association (RRYHA) requests each family contribute to our program through volunteer hours. There is a tremendous workload, and it must be spread out to make our association a success. This year, the board voted to require a volunteer deposit of $500 per skater (maximum $1000, 2 separate checks) to help ensure the workload is shared across the organization. The volunteer deposit check will be collected at coupon book/cash calendar pickup nights and will be shredded following fulfillment of the volunteer requirements outlined below.  Checks are to be made to “Rock Ridge Youth Hockey Association”.

Minimum Volunteer Requirements* per skater (requirement doubles for 2+ skaters):

 • Mini Mite, Mite, 10U Girls, Squirts, 12U Girls, Peewee, Bantam:

 - 2 regular season shifts during YOUR skater’s game (Clock, Penalty Box, Announcing, Book)

 - 6 tournament and/or post season shifts *

               * One of these shifts MUST be at the Canteen in Eveleth at the Hippodrome

               * Canteen shifts can be claimed for ANY regular season game or tournament game, not just your      child’s game.


Coaches put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to make our program a success. For active coaches’ families, the volunteer requirement has been removed to account for all the on-ice volunteer time.

IMPORTANT:  Since coaches will not be named until after registration, ALL families that applied to coach a team will still be required to provide a DIBS check at registration ($500 or $1,000 depending on how many players you have).  The check will be returned and DIBS shifts waived once coaches are named AND the coach provides the required credentials to the Volunteer Coordinator.

*Requirements will be adjusted based on registration numbers and actual tournaments held. For example, if all tournaments are not held the volunteer requirement will be reduced.

*Regular season shifts include penalty box, timeclock, announcing and stat book. Tournament and post season shifts include penalty box, timeclock, announcing, stat book, raffle table, registration, check-in, and clean-up.


Scheduled Tournaments:

- “Matt Niskanen “Nisky” Mini Mite Jamboree:  January 6-8 2023

- “Sam Lopresti” Peewee A Tournament: January 27-29 2023

- “Up North Wolverine” Squirt B Tournament:  February 10-12 2023

- “26th Annual Nick Vincent Jamboree” Mites Tournament: February 24-26 2023


Questions and Answers:

Q: Why is a volunteer deposit being implemented?

A: The issue of not all families completing volunteer shifts has been brought to the board many times. A volunteer subcommittee was established that reviewed volunteer requirements and policies at other hockey associations. A volunteer shift deposit is a standard policy at many associations.

Q: Will the checks be cashed at the start of the season?

A: No, the checks will be held in a safety deposit box. When a family fulfills the volunteer requirements, the check will be shredded or returned if requested (If you are selected to be a coach, your check will be returned to you upon providing coaching credentials to the Volunteer Coordinator). If a family does not fulfill their volunteer requirements and does not contact the board about other volunteer opportunities, the check will be cashed at the end of the season. Prior to the check being cashed, the family will be notified that they did not meet the requirement. The goal is for all families to complete the requirements. If a family has 2 or more skaters and they complete half of the requirements (2 regular season and 6 tournaments and/or post season), only one of the $500 checks will be cashed.


Q: How will shifts be tracked?

A: RRYHA will be using DIBS this year to sign up for volunteer shifts.  Please visit the RRYHA website ( and click on the “Dibs” tab near the top of the screen.

Q: What if I complete more shifts than the requirement?

A: That is definitely welcome! One concern would be not enough volunteer shifts for the remaining families. With DIBS you can “gift” extra volunteer shifts to another family. You can gift a regular season shift to another family on your skater’s team. You can gift a tournament shift to any family.

Q: What if I am unable to complete my shifts?

A: You will need to contact the RRYHA Volunteer Coordinator so it can be discussed with the board to identify other volunteer opportunities.

Q: What if I do not provide a volunteer deposit?

A: Your skater(s) will not be fully registered until it is provided.

If there are any questions regarding this document or volunteer hours, please contact Lara Westberg (RRYHA Volunteer Coordinator) at 218-780-1594 or




Game Scheduler

Please contact below to schedule games for the 22-23 season.

Davis Lamppa


Attention Officials!

Please click on the link below for more information on officiating !


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